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Happiness is a Warm Sausage McGriddle - Headed Uphill On The Southern Highway

About Happiness is a Warm Sausage McGriddle

Previous Entry Happiness is a Warm Sausage McGriddle Jan. 18th, 2005 @ 12:43 am Next Entry
I work. I mope. I sleep. I fight the days. This is not how I usually behave. I need to clean my room.
Force feed my pride, guilt & shame into the stomach of guilty party and watch the mess that comes from our insides.

Now In English: I worked all day, like a dumbass I thought I had to be there at 9:50, I woke up early, got ready and came to work only to find out I was scheduled @ 10:30a.m. GRRR. It was cool. except fuckin Amanda called in so I had to stay until 9, but I left at 8:45, I said fuhque that! Yup. SO after I get off work, my whole day begins and the rest of the world is ending theirs, except one place I go to drink coffee & read indie rags. While I was there I got into this debate with some Republicans that I thought were pretty cool, well, the one guy and chick were cool, so I just argued (very nicely) with that other dude until his friends were ready to go. It was weird how all that started cuz I heard someboday make some techno noises with their mouth, and I thought it was funny cuz they were really makin fun of it, so I was like, 'no, it's like this....' and I proceeded to make my techno noise, which I had perfected back in my raver dayz, and they were like, hahaha 'aren't you from Canada?' (one of the doods knew who I was from school)and I was like, 'Hell motherfuckin ya.' So then we got in a debate about George Bush. Fun fun.
.........first day of classes start, I gotta get to bed....
Current Mood: melancholyCold, sick, depressed, fat...
Current Music: 311 - Omaha Stylee
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