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How Are We Able to Rise Up If All We Do Is Get Down? - Headed Uphill On The Southern Highway

About How Are We Able to Rise Up If All We Do Is Get Down?

Previous Entry How Are We Able to Rise Up If All We Do Is Get Down? Jan. 22nd, 2005 @ 12:34 am Next Entry
I've lost 6 (noticable) pounds in 10 days. It's not that I'm really fat, but I have some holiday pounds I can live without. I look & feel better in the spring/summer when I'm trim. I'm off to a good start. Hooo-ray. It's probably from all the stress I'm living in. I need some Sam Roberts right about now. Yes, that would be good......

Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy:

*Why did I buy all new panty & push-up bra sets last week?
*I'm perfectly fine living with my 8 cats, thank youuuu.
*Does everybody think like this?
*It's all my fault.

This really sucks, but at times, I feel like a guy. I feel as if I have no feeling. Maybe it's my defensive mechanisim - so I don't feel as much pain. If I save my energy, I won't feel & remember it as much. It seems to be a very effective solution for now.....

I need to pay an outrageous insurance bill of $175.00 tomorrow, and then I'm taking my ass to Dallas. Amy (my evil half, but best friend since 14) is moving back to 'ol T-town so I'm going up there to check out her house & let go a little. It's probably a stupid idea, and I can't really afford it, but what the hell, why not? I've never seen her condo in the 4 months she's been down there so, now's the time to go.
Current Mood: sicksick
Current Music: Nas - Rise and Fall
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